Coronavirus, COVID-19 and Ozone Treatment

Amid the impacts of the corona virus and COVID-19, we need to take this chance to tell about ozone, its disinfectant properties and the way it may be used to assist on this trigger.

Some viruses are airborne, and most viruses have a tendency to stay to surfaces such door handles and even utensils. Most viruses could be killed, or de-activated, by disinfectants and ozone occur to be the strongest disinfectant there’s.

Disinfection of air in addition to hard-to-reach surfaces by ozone is fairly simple and easy. Ozone, already gaseous at ambient situations, will merely combine with the ambient air, or could be injected into the provision air stream and from there simply distributed to wherever wanted.

The extent of disinfection is completely depending on the utilized CT worth which is the focus of ozone multiplied by the publicity time. The disinfection effectivity relies upon additional on the kind of virus that’s handled, however a 90% discount could be anticipated at zero.6 ppm ozone focus throughout an publicity time of 20 to 120 minutes, relying on the air quantity and make-up of the room.

Rising the ozone focus significantly reduces consequently the required publicity time in addition to rising the deactivation/mortality-rate of the virus.

The Eight-hour restrict worth for ozono generatorius for people in a working place is mostly to zero.1 ppm and is regulated by the native authorities. Due to this fact, no entry to the therapy space shall be allowed throughout a disinfection cycle. Afterwards, one should additionally be sure that all extra ozone is ventilated out/away earlier than reentering to the room.

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