Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

One of the newest employment set ups in today’s online world is virtual assistance. Virtual assistants act like online personal secretaries: they can perform a variety of workloads that include clerical, administrative, and creative functions. Unlike personal, conventional secretaries in an office set-up, virtual assistants offer contractual and part-time services. This is best for managers and officers that have fluctuating work loads. They can hire virtual assistants for an agreed period of time to finish a pile of work, and then end the contract afterwards and hire them again when assistance is needed.

Virtual Assistants, as mentioned, perform functions similar to that of executive assistants or secretaries. This means they can fix their employer’s schedule, coordinate with clients, partners, and other employees, screen and make phone calls, monitor emails and voicemails, and prepare reports and documents. Virtual Assistants are flexible with the daily length of services they offer; hours of work range from 4 to 8 hours. There are even some virtual assistants that entertain employers who only want their emails checked, screened and replied everyday, which takes less than two hours.

A Virtual Assistant saves a lot of money compared to a personal secretary, especially if an employer does not have a constant full work load. While a personal secretary is paid daily in full even without tasks, a virtual assistant is paid only on specific periods when his or her services are needed. This set up also means fewer expenses on Internet service, telephone, computer, electricity, and office supplies.

Since many people want to work from home, recruitment of highly competitive virtual assistants is very easy, which means theirs is a higher chance of getting the best people to do the job. Even without personally seeing their employers, virtual assistants can definitely perform better than their live and personal counterparts. The speed that the Internet affords in the delivery and exchange of information has made communication as effective as real interactions. A virtual assistant with good communication and computer skills can outdo a hundred of mediocre personal assistants and secretaries.

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant? Because technology affords us to. As the Internet continuously reaches unimagined horizons, the world becomes smaller and smaller. Employment is not anymore hindered by space and distances. People separated by continents and oceans can meet within the cyber world, engage in conversations and act out mutual career projects.

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